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Tyre Deflators

Part Number: S/B2723

  • Full adjustable air down in increments of 3 PSI
  • One of the fastest deflators on the market today
  • 100% quality brass
  • No tools required

Full Adjustable air down in increments of 3 PSI. Tire pressure can be air down to 8PSI. One of the fastest deflators on the market today. 100% quality brass, no tools required.


Trail Shade instant canopy

Part Number: S/B5662424

  • Gray Shade
  • 10 foot canopy
  • Stakes and collapsible steel poles
  • Coated nylon shock cord
  • Durable light weight storage bag
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Will fit up to a 37in. tire.

The all new Trail Shade pulls out and can be set up in seconds while providing you with enough sun protection to enjoy the sights. Each shade comes complete with a durable light weight storage bag, 10' canopy, stakes, collapsible poles and nylon shock coated cord. The trail Shade can either mount to a spare tire or be taken on a hike like back pack and can be attached to a tree or just about anything.


2.5 gallon Air Tank

Part Number: S/B99210-2

  • Push in fittings (male and female)

  • Quick connect studs

  • 90 degree elbows

  • Drain cock

  • Nylon hose

  • Pressure gauge

  • All necessary hardware

  • Dimensions: L = 17", W = 6.5", H = 9"

The 2.5 Gallon Air Tank includes: Push In fittings (male and female), Quick connect studs, 90 deg. elbows, Drain cock, Nylon hose, Pressure gauge and all necessary hardware.


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