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'Potty' Lift Springs - exclusive to Llama 4x4

  These springs are custom made in the UK for Llama 4x4 and can be made to suit your needs.. 1" to 3" lift available in 2  (Hi-Flex ), 3 or 4 leaf pattern.

    Supplied in pairs or sets of 4 only.

                    Pictures show 2.5" lift 'Hi-Flex' spring set

Supplied without bushes - polybushes available 

Potty Lift Springs -   £225 a pair inc vat

                                      £ 430 a set of 4 inc vat



- the best value suspension lift on the market. Simply add these spring leaves to you existing spring pack and give a new life to your saggy springs! Made by Rough Country and imported exclusively by Llama 4x4 the pics below show the difference they make.

 Sold as a pair ( to do one axle ) for just £42.50 inc. vat..


                       <  Before <                                > After >


 Suitable for either front or rear axle on any SJ model £ 42.50 inc.vat per axle !!




This pair of brackets will repostition the lower mounts of your rear shock absorbers. This helps reduce breakage of the axle mount by reducing the forces especially on lifted cars. It also allows standard length shocks to be used on upto a 2" lift. Supplied with new bolts & nyloc nuts. Unlike most other relocation brackets these mount to the axle with a poly bush for durability, extra freedom of movement for articulation & to avoid the common problem of the mounting nut coming loose.

 £48.00 inc vat per pair




    Complete bolt on kit includes Rough Country stabilizer, 8mm thick laser cut brackets and all busjings & bolts required to fit.

   The kit mounts the damper between the chassis rail and the draglink - well away from any potential offroad damage.

 £ 81.60 inc vat




    Complete bolt on  heavy duty steering damper kit. Includes Rough Country stabilizer, bushes, boot, bolts & all brackets required to fit it to your SJ/Samurai.

       £70.20 inc vat 

    Heavy Duty Transfer Mount set 

          * New Lower price*


Set of 3 heavy duty transfer case mounts. Supplied with washers & nyloc nuts.

 was £24.00 inc vat  NOW £21.60 inc vat


'Bolt-Through' Transfer case mounts        To suit SJ / Jimny/ Samurai 

Soft Polyurethane bushing either side of the chassis bracket ensures excellent vibration damping whilst the 10mm bolt all the way through the mount ensures the positive mounting of the gearbox even if impact destroys the bushings.

     Sold as a set of 3 mounts ( vehicle set )  Spare bushings available

                  £30.00  inc vat





  SJ spring eye and chassis poly bush sets now available !!!    


Complete set of spring eye and chassis bushes for SJ's now available.  Please note these bushes are available in different colours and contrary to popular belief there is no difference in grade of material based on colour.

                             Complete vehicle set just £49.50 including vat



   Shock absorber bush sets & hardwear


Will fit SJ, Samurai or Jimny.  Set includes steel sleeve inserts for eye bushes & cup washers.

Will fit standard, Rough Country or ProComp shocks...

                                                      ONLY £21.60 a set inc vat




  Available in standard, +2" and also in custom lengths for the one -off suspension setup.

£ 38.00 each + vat





Available in the later 12mm thread and the early 10mm thread. To suit extended or standard length requirements  All U-bolt sets ncludes new nyloc nuts.

£ 26.40 inc vat per axle set.



 Made to order with whatever fittings or length you require. Please note that there are 2 common fittings on the chassis end of SJ front hoses. Please check the pics below to ensure you know which type your SJ has before you order.


  Type  31  ( male with locknut )                      Type 85 ( female with clip fixing )


 Hoses from £13.19 + vat each