Adjustable Trackbar kit. Double Shear with Pitman for 4″-6.5+” RHD



Double Shear, Adjustable Trackbar kit with Pitman Arm  RIGHT HAND DRIVE 🙂

  Fits Jeep Cherokee XJ ( 1984 – 2001 ) models with 4-6+ inches of lift.  RIGHT HAND DRIVE.
* Allows for front axle to be centred after lift kit fitted.
* Does away with ball joint type end that limits articulation / binds on lifted Jeeps..
* Replaceable rose ( heim ) joint and oem style bush available.
* Heavy 6mm steel construction mounting bracket.
* 100% bolt on kit – no further modification to car required.
The ‘drop Pitman arm’ included will relax all the steering angles and the mounting bracket for the trackbar to bodyshell has been manufactured with a bolt centre that negates any bumpsteer normally associated with drop pitmans and big lifts.
  These kits are made in  batches so there may be a delay of 7/10 days  if we are manufacturing when you buy.
 Please feel free to ask any questions about this item.
Also available without Pitman arm for 0-3″ of lift vehicles.