Flex / Johnny joint jam-nut crowfoot spanner 1 7/8″ for 1/2″ drive



Flex / Johnny joint jam-nut crowfoot spanner   1 7/8″ for 1/2″ drive

 Make tightening of the massive lock nuts on suspension joints easy without having to use a 2 foot long adjustable !
 This crowfoot wrench fits to the end of any standard 1/2″ drive ratchet ( as shown ion pictures, ratchet / joint not included ) and fits most jam nuts used by most manufacturers of Flex / Creeper / Johnny joints.
 1 7/8″ across flats ( 1.875″ or approx. 47.6mm ) is the common size of jam nuts used on joints with a 1.25″ thread.
 Laser cut for accuracy from 10mm steel and bright zinc plated for durability these wrenches will fit in any toolbox – more than can be said for a conventional spanner of that size!