Land Rover PAS power steering pump test kit



Land Rover PASĀ  Power steering pump test kit.

Help diagnose power steering problems or use it when ‘tweaking the pump’ to make sure you get optimum pressure.
Simply screw the adaptor in to the bleed nipple hole on your steering box and connect the hose / gauge to it. 48″ ( 1250mm ) braided hose allows you to hold the gauge where it is easy to read rather than having to climb in to the engine bay to see it.
Glycerine filled gauge reads from 0-2500 psi. 500 psi is crap and will struggle to turn the steering and up to 1500 psi is what a brand new, genuine ZF pump will give ( warm / cold / idle / revs ). 1000 psi will work power steering and hydro assist kit.