Hydraulic handbrake fittings ( Banjo style )


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Hydraulic handbrake pipe fittings – Banjo style

 1 x 7/16″unf  and  1 x 3/8″unf  banjo fittings with bolts, sealing washers and tube nuts.. 
 Both for standard 3/16″ copper / steel / kunifer brake pipe ( tube nuts included ) or better still go direct on to the banjo adapters with stainless braid hose. Includes copper sealing washers.
  Compatible with most aftermarket master cylinders.
Bright zinc plated steel for durability.
  Using the banjo adapter  style of hydraulic handbrake fittings allows you to attache the pipe into the master cylinder from the side negating the requirement for a big loop of copper pipe above the master cylinder.
 We also manufacture custom made stainless braid hoses for your car – contact us for details….