Land Rover rear axle brake hoses stainless braid BLUE



Land Rover disc brake rear axle hoses.

 These hoses replace the steel / copper hardline from your calipers to the T-piece on the rear axle.
 Stainless steel braided hose with pvc coating.
   Will fit Disco 1. RRC and Defenders with disc rear brakes  ( not Salisbury axle – contact us for Salisbury axle kit ).
 Will not rust again and allows for the caliper to swing out of the way to work on the bearings / halfshafts without having to disconnect the brakes or risk cracking the hardline.
 Shown in blue pvc coating on the picture these hoses are also available in Clear, Red or black – just add a note to your payment if you want a different colour to blue.
 The 90 degree banjo ( bolts and sealing washers provided ) routes the hose very tight to the caliper down to the axle case keeping it well out of harm’s way.
 The swivel male fitting on the T end means that you do not have to spin the whole hose round and round to tighten the join…
 we can also make custom hoses for your land Rover application – contact us for details.
Trade enquiries welcome.
By direct from Llama 4×4 – the best known name in custom braided hoses for offroading.