Trackbar bushing upgrade kit ( axle end )



Jeep XJ / TJ beefed up front track bar mounting
     ( axle end ).
Requires minor drilling to car to install. Fits RHD.
Beef up the standard, rather small M10 bolt that holds the trackbar to the axle with this new M12 bolt, flagnut and bushing kit !
Simply drill the axle case mounting hole out with a 12mm drill bit, press the new bushing in to your trackbar to replace your old one and using the new laser cut flagnut & bolt provided do it up tight!
Benefit from a better bushing ( spares readily available ) and a bigger M12 bolt that means you can fasten your trackbar to the axle without fear of it coming loose all the time as is such a common problem with the factory M10 bolt, especially when running bigger tyres. lift etc.